Waste truck used in our project

Complete custom RFID solution for Waste Management


Year of implementation: 2014

As a pilot project, meant to track the return yield of recyclable materials from the population, our company implemented a fully designed from the bottom-up traceability system, using multiple tracking technologies.

The bags used to store the recyclables were tagged using RFID labels (EPC Gen2) and delivered to the tenants associations (identified using and RFID patron card), which filled them with plastic, glass, paper or aluminium.

When collected, the bags were read and weighed by our custom-designed RFID reader. This was our first attempt at designing a Smart-Device, as the system included more than just RFID:

  • An industrial vehicle-mounted PC;
  • Long-range RFID reader (we used an OEM RFID module);
  • Industrial scale;
  • GPS;
  • WiFi;
  • Custom software application for controlling the system.

At the end of the day all the data (what bags were collected, how much they weighed, the position of the collection and the association) was synchronized when the collection truck returned to the sorting facility.

A central application (WEB-based) was developed and installed in our customer’s data-center.

The pilot implementation used about 200,000 RFID tags was implemented in one district of Bucharest (3rd) and is, to our knowledge, the first and only of its kind to be implemented in Romania.

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