NordicID Morphic Models

Software development for the fashion industry

Beneficiary: Exaqtworld France

Year of implementation: 2014 – 2015

As part of a two year contract we developed custom software for an RFID system integrator for the fashion industry in France: Exaqtworld.

This software operated only the Nordic ID Morphic Handheld terminal (Windows CE 6 OS) and was compatible with the proprietary tag developed by Exaqtworld: the DuralTag.

The software developed by RFiD Solutions allowed the in-store personnel to perform the following functions on the DuralTag:

  • Encoding using a proprietary protocol and EPC format (based on EAN-13);
  • Attaching (securing) and detaching (freeing) a tag;
  • Inventory and search;
  • Locate tag;
  • Synchronize using the in-store connection (WiFi or cradle).

This software was used in the implementation of Exaqtworld, alongside its patented devices, the DuralTag and the DuralTag detacher, and was an integral part of the Exaqtworld ecosystem.

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