Complete solutions, proven to work

This page contains our range of solutions which require minimal customization in order to be deployed. Either we are speaking of vehicle identification, or people tracking, these powerful solutions need minimum intervention and tweaking before they can perform in demanding environments.


As opposed to our built-from-the-Groud-Up solutions, we needed a term to describe solutions in our portfolio which are already completely designed and proveN to work. We cannot call them "Plug&Play" since what we provide is not destined to an individual user; we cannot call them "off-the-shelf" since that is typicaly reserved for commercial solutions targeted to a wider variety of customers, which intentionally lack broad customization.
We chose "out-of-the-box" because that is what our solutions offer: "CUSTOMIZATION OUT OF THE BOX!"

What you can expect


Initial conversation

First, we will try to establish a dialog in order to confirm what we can provide in order to help you and if the solutions we offer are right for your company.


Technical details

In order to provide an offer and build the preliminary solution, we need to understand your particular scenario and what options/functionalities to provide.



Building the Technical Proposal is the most important step in the Pre-Sales stage, as it is the document upon which all other phases are built.



Usually, our Technical Proposal includes a Financial Proposal, which breakdowns prices and details the investment cost in manner which can be compared to other alternative proposals.


Design & Approval

After the submission of the offer, we remain at your disposal to discuss all the opportunities and/or fine-tune our proposal to better suit your needs.



We will work along-side your specialists to make sure we keep our commitment to you as our customer and to deliver all the functionalities we offered in due time and in budget.



We analyze and evaluate our accomplishments in order to provide you with a quantitative expression of the implementation process. This is also done throughout the Implementation Phase, in order to cut down cost and mitigate risks.



Since we always try to transform our customers into partners, we see each project as an opportunity for a long-term cooperation. This is the best time to decide together if your company might benefit from expansions, upgrades, or other projects.



Track & Trace

Our Smart-Tracking-Platform can identify and trace almost anything across processes and Supply Chains.

The Smart-Reader comes with Long-Range RFID, WiFi, GPS and a battery for increased mobility in an industrial, ruggedized chassis and included software.



Proven Real-Time-Location Systems, Lone-Worker and Workforce monitoring using a variety of technologies: WiFi, GPS, RFID and IOT.

We can perform cell (room) level location, triagulation-based (up to 2m in accuracy) or GPS-based (up to 0.5 m accuracy) location of your workforce or assets.



The solutions you are searching for is not here? Contact us and find out more about our portfolio, or ask for a customized solution from one of our partners.

We have experience of over 15 years of finding the proper solutions for our partners and we would love to hear your challenge.