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We see RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and IOT (Internet-of-Things) as two complementary steps towards true, complete implementation of what we might call Smart-Devices: an intelligent way of easing your work by automizing common tasks.

Both are ways of interacting with devices/people from a distance: while the first provides a way to know what things are doing while the second provides a way of instructing them what to do.

“Nothing will be lost if it's properly marked”

We started with providing custom RFID solutions, but once RFID developed and evolved, becoming one of the multiple technologies encompassing IOT we've expanded our knowledge and expertise to allow your business to seamlessly integrate into a word populated with more and more intelligent devices.

What we provide


Custom RFID

RFID is a wireless technology where objects and people are identified, when passing through a certain monitored area, which can be larger (a few meter wide) or smaller (a door, or a border of a conveyor-belt) which is a powerful way to verify either presence, or a change in status, or the passing of responsibility from one department or other, etc.

We started providing custom RFID solutions more than 15 years ago; this is what we do best and it has remained the core of our business along the years. No matter if we are speaking of track & trace, RFID in transport or in logistics, over the years we’ve learned to refine our proposals and our partner portfolio in order to provide only the most professional solution to our customers.

We can start working together to see if an RFID implementation can help you solve your problems and, in the log run, make your activity more efficient and more profitable.


Integrate RFID and IOT

As we’ve said earlier, RFID and IOT are merely a way of interacting at a distance and as such provide a power way to gain visibility and control over the entire section of the business process, from production and assembly to shipping and distribution.

You can use RFID for identification and point-tracking of mobile assets, and IOT either for collecting information from RFID-enabled assets, gain insights regarding the environment conditions or even monitor and control smart-devices based on pre-established procedures.

A solution combining RFID and IOT can help you obtain more information at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown monitoring & control SCADA solution, by obtaining the same benefits without investing in extensive communication networks, extremely complex devices or implement/extend IT infrastructure to handle the new bundle of information required to manage such a solution.


Firmware design

Working with smart devices, we’ve learned that they are only as capable as their design. This depends, in part, of the hardware capabilities but also on the firmware that provides access to the device, unleashing its entire potential to system integrators and the users.

It took a long time for RFID and IOT to mature, and this was mostly not because the hardware wasn’t capable enough or the technology not powerful enough, but because the firmware and protocols which the devices implemented were not sufficiently robust, and so the users were confused by the multitude of non-standardized options, which made them hesitant to commit to an implementation.

This was particularly challenging when the developer did not have at his or hers disposal a bundle of resources (CPU, memory or even a bulky battery) so everything needed to be optimized and designed in advance to the deployment in the field.


Protocol development

For devices to communicate between them they need to speak the same language. That’s the purpose communication protocols and APIs serve. When designing a new product, one of the key concerns of any developer is how will his product interface with other products or integrate in a more complex solution.

A lot of our projects were challenging just because of these two different, but opposing decisions: 1. when designing a product (or a solution) from scratch you feel that the sky is the limit and all options are open to you, but it is impossible to implement all the features. 2. when building upon an existing platform you need to act within the constraints of that platform.

No matter the project, the key to our success was always to find a balance between these two approaches: to make sure that when we develop a product we do not get carried away by the multitude of possibilities, and when we are building upon a platform to find the most efficient way to utilize the advantages of the platform into our solution.


Product testing

We can provide independent testing and evaluation of smart-devices regardless of their stages of development.

Having worked with a lot of types of devices, from CCTV systems, to RFID, IoT and more industrialized solutions (factory automation, SCADA, and even mission-critical implementations) we can make sure that a set of fresh eyes and hands can provide the scientific stress your product needs to ensure that it is reliable, performant and stable in the long run, given the designed implementation conditions.

We are capable of designing and performing tests on smart devices and other electronic equipment, software applications or interfaces made made to function in industrial or harsh environments; these tests can be agreed upon with the developer and be designed to relevant and their results reproducible in order to be replicated in various conditions and their results comparable across devices, versions. This will ease the development process by providing you with a prioritized track for implementation and clear KPIs.


Product design

We can provide design inputs or take over the entire phase of product design for embedded/ smart devices since the initial concept, towards the pre-feasibility study, the proof-of-concept, prototyping, refinement and testing and up to a limited series that can be used for testing in real-life conditions.

This means, that we can have all the stages covered, up until the moment your idea is ready for mass production or deployment. We are specialized in designing RFID products, but also IOT devices using Bluetooth, BLE and IEEE 802.15.4 or derivatives & combinations of those technologies.

This can also include firmware design, implementation and testing; design of communication protocols; design and implementation of programming interfaces, APIs and other associated services, such as, evaluation of components, board design and any consulting services your company or start-up might to go from an idea to a finished and mature product, ready to be integrated into the world of connected smart-devices that make our life easier.

Associated Services


Software Develop

Most of our customized solutions, be it in the area of RFID, IoT or using other telemetry devices, needed a software component that usually does not meet 100% of the customer’s requirements.

We are capable of building that from scratch, or customizing an existing application (as long as the platform allow for that) that best suits your company’s needs.


Network Design

In RFID and IoT one device provides a lot of benefits, but the true power comes from many interconnected and devices that exchange information.

That means combining devices to form a network and making relevant decision regarding topology, technology, interfaces and communication protocols and that is no easy task for a company focused on its business.



Even though we have not always been the company in directly in charge of the implementation, we could not let that know how go to waste when projects were scarce.

That is why we tried to access business in writing projects for others to implement or supervising the implementation process and acting as our clients’ advisors, protecting their interests and guiding them towards success.

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