Motorola FX-7400 EU RFID Reader

School attendance monitoring with RFID

Beneficiary: 1st District School Administration in Bucharest

Year of implementation: 2013

In 2013, after winning a public tender, RFiD Solutions and its partners designed and built a complete RFID solution to monitor school attendance of the pupils implemented in almost all the schools in the district (more than 40 schools).

The system was composed of personalized RFID patron cards for every pupil (more than 45,000 were issued) and a long-range reading system, composed of one Motorola FX7400 RFID reader and four Motorola circular polarized antennas.

This implementation included more than 120 RFID readers and almost 500 antennas, being probably the largest at that time in Romania (probably with the exception of the implementation at the public transport company in Bucharest).

All the equipment (and the system as a whole) was compliant to the ISO18000-6:2010 and EPC Gen2 standards, and consisted of RFID equipment operating in the 868 MHz frequency band (UHF RFID).

Alongside the RFID equipment, the solution included:

  • A fully-equipped data-center;
  • Laptops, webcams, and RFID compatible printers for each school;
  • Custom-developed software for the readers (embedded for Windows CE), and the central system (web application);
  • Detailed Design and installation of all equipment;
  • Training session for all the operating personnel.

The project posed numerous planning and logistical challenges and was implemented in about 6 months.

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