About Us

We're a team focused on our customers' achievements

Since we’ve started this venture, more than 15 years ago, we were confident that there is no greater benefit for a company that visibility over all its data, processes and assets. Gained visibility provides not only the chance for better profits, but also the possibility to develop in a stable climate, aware of short-commings and the means for optimization.

Our vision hasn’t changed, but we discovered that there is more to visibility than tracking and tracing, and that the challenge is far greater to be achieved by RFID alone. So, we have adapted and branched out, in order to gain experience in a wide variety of fields, such as: Internet-Of-Things, Software Development and IT & Network Consultancy. All this to be able to provide our customers with complete and dedicated solutions from design to implementation and beyond.

Quick links and our Projects

Besides the projects we've implemented and the goals we have achieved, we also like to mention the friends we've made, the places we visited and the experiences we shared. These guys are from Dobra, Republic of Serbia

Services We Provide



We build and implement completely customized and Out-of-the-Box RFID and IOT systems and we have pioneered both fields in Romania.


Network Design

Communication and Radio Propagation Studies, including architecture, network topology, and technical and functional requirements for equipment.


SW development

Custom software development (including embedded software) in the area of RFID/IOT, telemetry systems (automatic collection of data from various sensors) and HMIs (Human Machine Interface).


Product Design

Customized and integrated RFID readers, BLE products, which includes: feasibility study, PCB design, prototype execution and QA testing.


Tender preparation

We provide consultancy in preparing offers for tenders in the area of IT&C and engineering, under national legislation, PRAG rules (EU Practical Guidelines), or EIB Rules of Procurement.



Design and implementation of systems for data collection in the field of RFID, environmental monitoring sensors (pollution, hydrological, meteorological measurements).


Asset Tracking

Track and Trace of existing assets: vehicles, IT, and work-in-progress along the commercial flow: manufacture/assembly, transfer, inventory and stock monitoring, sell and return (or recall).



Identification of vehicles and/or people using RFID, IOT (BLE, Zigbee, etc.) or biometric technologies for security and optimization purposes.