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RFID Solutions: your partner for the next challenge

Surprisingly, we enjoy difficult projects because they allowed us to achieve the position we are now. And we would love to hear your ideas in order to help your company reach its next biggest achievement.

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Steps towards a successful project


Find expectations

Every project starts with a problem, a concern or a desire for optimization.


Decipher needs

Expectations are the expression of a need the customer has. Some more urgent than others.


Build requirements

Building a preliminary technical proposal is the first step of addressing the issue.


Prepare a budget

No proposal is complete without financial indicators, ROI analysis and KPIs.


Design & approval

The more thorough the preparation the more successful the actual implementation.



The longest and the most crucial step in any project, regardless of the magnitude.


Monitor & Evaluate

Ensure the success is stable, long-lasting and in accordance with our initial commitment.


Improve & Upgrade

Find ways to improve, optimize and out-perform ourselves.

RFiD Solutions provides everything you need, every step of the way


A team with more than 15 years experience in IT and Automatic Data Acquisition

We started in 2006, by offering personalized RFID solutions, and since then we have branched out to provide our customers with a complete portfolio of solutions and services in the area of traceability and automatization.

Our motto is <<Nothing will be lost, if it's properly marked!>> and it is our commitment to make sure it is tagged and traced to ensure accurate visibility and to facilitate the decision-making process