Vertical clearance measuring system on the Calafat-Vidin bridge

Vertical clearance distance system on the Danube

Beneficiary: Galati Lower Danube River Administration, A.A.

Year of implementation: 2019

A pilot project was set-up by the Beneficiary, financed through the Danube STREAM project, in order to measure the vertical distance (clearance-distance) under the Calafat-Vidin bridge.

This was performed by using a water-level sensor, used to measure the water column above the sensing element and then substract that value from the total distance value measured during the installation.

The system was designed and developed by our company using ready-available equipment: capacitive water-level sensor, datalogger with integrated modem (satellite), embedded software on the datalogger, autonomous power supply sub-system (solar panel) and custom software for the operators’ workstations (Windows 10).

The installation posed real challenges, not only because of the location’s difficulty, but also on the remoteness and also the structure’s restrictions.

This system functions without attendance, without interventions and without significant interruptions since the moment it was installed, almost two years ago, and its warranty period is almost over.

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