RF coverage estimation

Communication Study for network design on the Danube in Serbia

Beneficiary: Ministry of Construction Transport and Infrastructure, Republic of Serbia

Year of implementation: 2020

In 2019, WYG INTERNATIONAL B.V. hired our company to perform two communication studies and design the communication network for two segments they were hired by the Beneficiary to provide feasibility studies and tendering support, under a program financed by the EIB (ERI-ITA).

The two segments of this assignment included the establishment of a centralized “VHF (AIS and marine-VHF) Voice Telephony System” on the Danube and Sava rivers in Serbia, and the development of a “Hydro-meteorological Stations Network” on the same rivers.

In order to design two redundant and completely unattended communications network, our company had to:

  • Evaluate the existing networks and services;
  • Visit each proposed location and evaluate/measure the communication resources available;
  • Perform RF propagation simulations on the radio component of the shore-to-ship communication;
  • Design the network(s);
  • Elaborate technical and functional specifications for the network and for the equipment composing the network.

The study posed multiple challenges, as it started in a foreign (albeit neighbor) country, just at the moment the COVID epidemic unfolded, and so multiple scheduling conflicts, generated from the travel restrictions, had to be overcome.

From our information, at this time (Sep. 2021) the first segment is in the latest stages of tendering and the second segment is close to approval from all the parties involved (Beneficiary and the EIB).

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