GUI of navigational light C&C software

C&C Software for lighthouses in Tees and Cork

Beneficiary: SEALITE UK

Year of implementation: 2017

Following our success with the QEC Telemetry project, Sealite UK contracted our company once again, to use the same core of the software to monitor and control lighthouses in two more projects: Tees port (with three lighthouses) and Cork (one lighthouse).

As opposed to the QEC project, where a vast and complex network of IOT modules were monitored and commanded in a highly coordinated fashion (turning on some lights meant other had to be turned off, others were always turned on and others were completely independent), these two projects required the monitoring and command of completely independent stations.

This was achieved, in this case, not through a local connection, which in turn contacted the IOT modules through a LoRa air interface, but through a GSM module, which would mean that the modules are always reachable from any distance.

These projects were expanded and upgraded several times since their implementation, and a major upgrade is expected in the near future.

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