Products arranged for Factory Acceptance test

Tender preparation and project management for ATC

Beneficiary: ROMATSA S.A.

Year of implementation: 2016

At the request of one of our most trusted partners, we operated for them the complete procedure for offer preparation, tender submission, and, later, project management until the stage of FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for “System of Voice Recording of ATC (Air Traffic Control)” in most of the airports in Romania.

The tender involved;

  • Finding suitable suppliers and designing the entire system (voice recording and IT – our customer acting as system integrator);
  • Preparing and submitting the offer;
  • Project management after the tender was won, up until the moment of the passing of the Factory Acceptance Test.

The main supplier was ATIS UHER, from Switzerland, and the redundant system was meant to record all VHF communication between the air traffic control tower and the airplanes landing on ten of the largest airports in Romania (including Otopeni).

The majority of the work after the Factory Acceptance Test, including import of equipment, planning and installation works required, were left in charge of our customer, the winner of the tender and the System Integrator in that project.

The system was later expanded to include all the commercial airports in Romania.