SCADA Network Topology

Consultant for the evaluation of a SCADA feasibility study

Beneficiary: RAJA S.A Romania

Year of implementation: 2016

Given its extensive knowledge in the field of legislation, public acquisition and automatic-data-capture, our company was contracted by a large company that supplies drinking water to more than 3 million customers, to evaluate a feasibility study for the extension and modernization of the company’s SCADA system.

This study was analyzed by RFiD’s experts from multiple standpoints: technical, economical and from the point of view of Romania’s legislation regarding public acquisition procedures and regarding investment procedures.

Our company issued several reports which addressed:

  • Accordance to the requirements of the Terms of Reference;
  • General observations and requirements;
  • Observations regarding the prepared Tender Dossier;
  • The general soundness of the approach in terms of: completeness, objectivity/impartiality and accordance with the National Law.

The project detailed in the Feasibility Study evaluated by RFiD Solutions was implemented in several phases starting with 2018, with the later stages still under development, allowing RAJA S.A. to maintain and expand its market share and competitiveness in an ever challenging market.