The Danube-Black Sea Canal

Feasibility Study for the rehabilitation of water-level gauges

Beneficiary: The Administration of the Navigable Canals

Year of implementation: 2016

After the successful preparation of the Feasibility Study for the Romanian Network of Hydro-meteorological Stations, our company was contracted to perform the Feasibility Study (the technical term in Romania where intervention and expansion of existing systems in involved is “Documentation for the Approval of Investment Works -D.A.L.I.”) for the rehabilitation and expansion of the network of water-level gauges along the Danube-Black Sea Canal.

The existing system was installed only at the four locks along the canal (four stations for each lock), and the Beneficiary wanted to expand this system with four more locations in the harbors, and modernize the original system under the same contract.

Our consortium, consisting entirely of Romanian companies, performed all the service required by law for DALI projects:

  • The Technical Expertise of the existing system (for constructions and installations);
  • System and communication network design (fiber-optics, copper, GSM and TETRA was used);
  • Drafting the required documentation for permits and approvals;
  • Customer assistance during the Technical-Economic Council of the Ministry of Transport.

The designed project was implemented during the following years and both the study and implementation were financed through EU programmes.

The value of the implemented project (the new network of water-level gauges under the administration of A.N.C.) was about 200,000 EUR.

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