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Hydro-meteorological stations along the Danube

Beneficiary: Galati Lower Danube River Administration, A.A.

Year of implementation: 2012-2014

During 3 years (from 2012 to 2014), RFiD Solutions has designed and installed along the Danube some automated systems for measuring water depth (and other parameters, like: water temperature, air temperature, visibility, etc.). The first systems were installed near Corabia, Bechet and Pietrisu, known localities on the Danube’s shore.

Three systems were installed in 2012, which used professional dataloggers from Campbell Scientific and sensors from Sisgeo.

Two systems followed in 2013, and this provided us the opportunity to pioneer the IOT field in Romania, by using the Libelium Waspmote as a datalogger.

In 2014, we expanded the system by adding five water-depth measuring buoys, for a pilot system, which ran for the duration of the entire year.

All the systems included:

  • System design;
  • Piezo-resistive water level sensor;
  • Installation of equipment;
  • GSM/EDGE communication system;
  • Custom developed embedder software (for the datalogger);
  • Windows software (Out-of-the-box) for data collection;
  • Support, training and maintenance.

The original system (2012, 2013) was upgraded last year, with a more integrated approach: Romania is focusing on an expanded Hydro-meteorological Stations Network.

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