Bluetooth-Low-Energy Protocol Stack

Bluetooth-Low-Energy Tag Design for fashion

Beneficiary: Exaqtworld France

Year of implementation: 2020

In the year of the pandemic, working from home, we designed the first stages of a BLE tag for our customer in the fashion industry.

This product presents innovative features, and the concept is in the process of being patented by its beneficiary, making it impossible to share a lot of details here.

We cannot mention the features, but we can mention the activities we performed in the process of feasibility pre-validation (proof-of-concept):

  • Analyze if the electronic components available on the market can provide the functionalities needed;
  • Calculate estimated autonomy given the power supply candidates;
  • Analyze and select a BLE chip;
  • Elaborate high-level description of the operations and mode switching involved;
  • Validate dimensions of the possible assembly.

The project has passed its pre-validation stages and we are waiting for approval.

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