Truck made at Roman Brasov

Delivery of RFID tags for military trucks in Afghanistan and Iraq

Beneficiary: Roman Brasov trucks factory

Year of implementation: 2009-2011

In the course of a few years, starting with 2008 and ending with 2011, our customer (the truck factory Roman Brasov) won a few tenders to supply trucks for the post-conflict reconstruction of Afghanistan (and then Iraq), which -as per the requirements of the US Department of Defense- had to comply with the NATO standards of In-Transit-Visibility.

As part of these requirements, every truck had to be equipped with a SAVI RFID Active tag, which was pre-programmed with information compliant with the system of the DoD. More than this, our company had to be approved as a NATO certified supplier and familiarize itself with the tracking system.

The tags (more than 400 SAVI ST-654 active RFID tags along the few deliveries that lasted three years) were supplied along-side proprietary programming stations and the software application which have allowed our client to interact with the equipment.

A training session accompanied each delivery (three deliveries were made as trucks were assembled and sent to the country of destination) as the system was constantly being upgraded by NATO and the DoD and new requirements were added. We provided assistance to the client until the goods reached their destination and the deliveries were confirmed.