RFID in libraries

Complete RFID library solution

Beneficiary: The Bucharest Metropolitan Library

Year of implementation: 2007-2009

The Bucharest Metropolitan Library is the largest library network in Romania, with almost 30 offices in the city of Bucharest. Our two year long implementation included the supply of more than 1 million RFID labels (for books, CD/DVD and mixed media), the supply and installation of more than 30 staff stations (used for programming the labels and also borrow-return operations), one RFID security system (3 pedestals) and one automatic self-check terminal destined for the Dimitrie Cantemir office. Also, equipment was provided to perform the inventory of all the tagged items.

All the equipment provided and the delivered system, as a whole, was compliant with ISO15693 and the newer ISO18000-3:2010 which standardize, on the first hand, the usage of RFID technology in libraries and, on the other hand, the operation of RFID equipment in the 13.56 MHz frequency band.

Being a complete solution, the RFID system (RFID labels and staff stations from Tagsys France and security panels and other RFID equipment from Intellident UK) was integrated with the Aleph LMS (Library Management Software/ System) and the personnel was instructed on how to operate with all the devices and software.

The system allowed the staff to automate the following operations:

  • Borrow and return of all media available (books, CD/DVDs);
  • Enhance security;
  • Self-borrow and self-return at the terminal;
  • Perform inventory.

The system is still in use to this day at some offices.

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